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Nuevo Documental: 4 GenWomen 1 Roof

Descripción de proyecto

a project by PAULA ONET

Delayed marriage age, planned fertility, higher employment rates, and increased family headship indicate a shift in women’s attitudes toward family roles. A four-generation family under one roof is a living story where the traditional patterns, beliefs, and ideas about the way women relate to wifehood, motherhood and careers are being transformed and reinvented within one space.

The traditional ideas about how families should be organized changes due to the women’s increasing desire and ability to control the conditions of their lives and their autonomy regarding their personal and professional life.  This is the case of the Romanian family where we learn about 4 generations of women with notorious careers in education, law, administration and art, in a country deeply affected by low salary rate and patriarchal mentality. They are participating in their families as single mothers, breadwinners and family heads, as the Rozalia (4th generation) is widow and Lucia (3rd generation) and Maria (2nd generation) are divorced.

Marriage and motherhood continue to be part of women’s lives but women are remaking these family roles without giving up their self-identities. This is also the case of Alicia from the Spanish family who decided to start a career in theology in her 50’s, while being wife, carrying after her old mother and her 8 children. Nowadays a women can delay marriage, plan her pregnancy, study and search for work, which is, in Clara’s case, overwhelming and confusing, as she can’t find a job in Valencia (Spain) and doesn’t know how to deal with the lack of intimacy in sharing one roof with 11 other people that belongs to her 4 generation-family. Only a generation ago, most young women planned their adult lives around marriage and full-time homemaking, which was also the case of Alicia (Clara’s mother) till 3 years ago when she decided to start a career. Two-three generations ago women hardly had access to labor force and education, as the Spanish family tells us in the interviews. Four generations ago women were the guardians of their homes in the time of war or tensed political situation, like Sara’s case (Alicia’s mother) who lived under Francoist Spain.

Although this is the case of the Spanish family, it is also the case of different families around the world, even though there are also cultural differences between countries that the project aims to explore. The project also explores the oral transmission of the cultural tradition through generations, from recipes to how to grow a child, especially in societies which seem to lose physical contact due to the virtual world.


In the Spanish family all the 4 generations of women live in the same apartment and almost all the 11 members play an instrument and rehearse at home. Their life seems to be a symphony in “quotidian” movements in an intimate concert.


In the Romanian family the focus in their story lays on the power of being professionally successful women with complicate marriages, in a country which still has a rooted patriarchal mentality.

“4 Generations Women” is a documentary web-series which proposes you a trip to different cultures around the world and bring you with each episode under the same roof with 4-Generations of women and their families. The project consists so far in a pilot-episode with a Spanish family, a photographic research in Turkey and video investigation in Romania. A new family of 4 generation women from Bosnia and Herzegovina will join the project in 2017 and it remains open to new geographic areas.

Besides the video-episodes, the webpage contains an interactive interview part where all the women from all the countries the project is developed in are asked the same questions so the viewer will be able to learn about the answers to the same questions through generations and cultures.



“The Spanish production is financed by the Romanian Cultural Institute through the CentenArt Programme”

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Directores: Paula Onet
Tipo: Web-documentary
País: Rumania, España, Turquia +
Idioma original: Rumano, Español, Turco
Subtítulos: Inglés / Español
Año: 2016+

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